Caring, Compassionate, Client-Centered Counseling


Compassionate Counseling Services, LLC fosters a safe and nurturing environment that invites everyone to express their emotions without fear. We desire to make our clients feel heard, respected, and assured of God’s love. We strive to lead with a heart of compassion and a mind of full acceptance.

Our licensed therapists provide quality, strengths-based, and Christ-focused counseling services to those who need them. We are experienced in a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues, and we have developed programs battling these. We aim to steward the healing ministry of Jesus to our community within a safe, inclusive environment; to bring about wholeness, hope, and ultimate healing.

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To promote hope, healing, growth, and well-being for each individual served, all while being committed to delivering the most comprehensive quality care and services, setting community standards, and exceeding the expectations of children and families within a caring, accessible community. We dedicate ourselves to providing individualized and personal attention, compassion, mutual trust, respect, and collaboration with adults, children, and families. Moreover, we promote preventive health care and the importance of healthy lifestyles. With us, there is a commitment to ongoing professional intervention, education, and technology utilization to provide exceptional care.


  • Compassion and Respect
  • Strengths-Focused
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Abundance of Hope
  • Integrity and Humility
  • Peace Promotion
  • Championing for Human Growth and Potential
  • Life-Time Nurturing and Learning
  • Equality and Inclusion

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