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Addiction is a complex disease and problem, affecting most brain functions and behavior. Drugs have the capability to alter the brain structure, resulting in changes that persist long after drug use has ceased. This is why drug abusers are often warned about relapse during treatment even during long periods of abstinence.

If you or someone you know has been in an ongoing battle with addiction, whether it be with drugs or alcohol, whether only starting treatment or finding themselves at risk for relapse, experts often suggest inpatient residential treatment. In this setting, individuals are exposed to a variety of effective and potentially life-saving resources and care opportunities, such as medically assisted detox and support with withdrawal symptoms.

On the other hand, if you’ve just finished an inpatient treatment plan or only have mild symptoms of addiction, outpatient treatment can be an option. This type of treatment offers you essential flexibility to work on other work or home obligations while seeking treatment without compromising its effectiveness.

What We Believe

Not every person’s addiction treatment is the same. Every treatment plan relies on the person’s needs and the substance they use. Finding the ideal treatment metrics for each individual can be critical to their overall success in finding productivity and improved functions within the home, workplace, and community.

Effective treatment also needs to contribute to the overall health of the individual, addressing their substance abuse and other essential factors with appropriate support. Treatment should also be in line with the individual’s demographics and behavioral factors.

Undergoing treatment may differ for most people but staying within treatment is vital. Research shows that most substance abusers need at least 3 months for treatment to be more effective and for the symptoms of addiction to wear away. Recovery from addiction can be a long-term process that requires multiple sessions and may lead to relapses, which can be avoided with reinstatements or adjustments.

How We Can Help

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